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Tapa natural soap  is hand crafted with blended  vegetable fats as an all purpose soap to cleanse most types of skin to treat acne, pimples, ring worms, eczema; as well as to be used for laundry purposes

Natural soap contains ingredients that  have not been produced with herbicides, chemical fertilizers, pesticides.

It’s invaluable for those who suffer from chemical sensitivities to use for skin ailments as well as for their sensitive laundry needs.

Our soap is approved by the Zambia Bureau of Standards regulating authority.

Price: 7 ZMK / 300g

Tapa Chinkondia organic shampoo is an ideal shampoo that deep cleanses without any health risks that come from chemical based shampoo, thanks to its rich natural soap base made from vegetable oils.

Our process converts the vegetable oils into soap and glycerin, meaning you’ll require less water for a lather than with traditional chemical liquid soap. Castile soap will also foam up in either hard or soft water.

RRP: 15 ZMK / 1 litre

Jatropha ointment oil this is a cold pressed vegetable oil with antifungal properties, it is ideal for the treatment of dry skin conditions, stretch marks, eczema, ring worms.

Being a wild and uncultivated crop, jatropha is guaranteed not to have any pesticide or GMO contents found in other commercial oils and cosmetics.

RRP: 20 ZMK / 100ml

Jatropha Seed is a valuable oil bearing seed that produces a vegetable oil with endless applications similar to castor bean oil. 

As one of the few aggregators and processors of jatropha seed in Zambia, we stockpile jatropha seed regularly. We are able to stock pile up to 50 tons per month for our regular operations.

Upon request we can increase our purchasing frequency to match the market demand.

Price: 3,000 ZMK / Ton

Waste vegetable fats and oil disposal we are authorized by the Zambia Environment Management Agency to dispose of used cooking oils from hotels and restaurants, as well as expired vegetable fats through our innovative saponification process.

We charge competitive rates for environmentally conscience and responsible clients.

Our service includes collection of the waste oils and rating to the environmental authorities of our client compliance.

Price 0.80 ZMK / Litre