Tapera Industries is duly registered for taxes with the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA), registered with the Lusaka City Council (LCC) for the Manufacture and Wholesale trading license, registered with the Zambia Environment Management Agency (ZEMA) for used cooking oil waste management license and has been product tested for conformity on soap products derived from used cooking oil processing. Tapera is also affiliated to the Zambia Renewable Energy Alliance (ZARENA).


Africa is blessed with and abundance of land, sunlight, and water resources. When managed properly, these resources are adequate for the development of self sustaining food and fuel supply system. Our focus is on jatropha seed which can produce vegetable oils for biofuels and natural soap products while, the biomass residue is a cheap source of high protein feed for livestock. We will spearhead the implementation of development of local resources to make Africa self sustainable one fuel supplies as well as nutritional food supply security.


To supply quality renewable energy services and products to facilitate growth in industry.


Tapera Industries Limited is in the business of processing vegetable oils into natural soaps (Chinkondia) and biodiesel fuel. The process involves collecting waste vegetable oil from local restaurants and breweries as a disposal mechanism for used cooking oil, as well as the aggregation of jatropha curcas seeds, which are able to expel vegetable oil from for processing into the natural soaps and biodiesel fuel.

The business was established in 2009 as a pilot project to assess the feasibility of the ‘business of biodiesel production’ in Zambia. The business has grown from a back yard operation which was supplying biodiesel fuel to a few trucks in 2009 to supplying public service vehicles and trucks in 2010. To date, Tapera has produced over 300,000 litres of biodiesel derived from used cooking oil, which has been supplied as a cheaper alternative to fossil diesel.

Tapera has diversified its products to include natural soaps (Chinkondia), sunflower cooking oil, jatropha seed supply for biofuels and natural soap products. Tapera works with the rural small scale farmers by incorporating them into our supply chain as suppliers of energy crops, as well as linking them to energy crops markets i.e. Copperbelt Energy Cooperation...